As an investor, the initial job is to first understand the pre requisites of the whole trading process. Then, a business portal with the lowest fees. The portal should be secure enough since any one would invest in online trading to secure their finances. Also, the best online trading platform will assure the investor of the best securities. Friendly trading tools, which can be used with minimum knowledge and proper servers is a must for investment.

Online Trading – The pros and Cons

Trading is investing your hard earned money in a particular business for the purpose of financial security. With internet on every one’s finger tips these days in the form of smart phone and tablets, trading too has become tech savvy. Online trading is nothing but the same process of investing your money and trade it on a internet based business portal or platform. The internet portal acts as brokerage here. If you are an online trader you have to freedom to make all the decisions by yourself.

You will not need a stock broker for online trading because the portal itself is the broker. Online trading is the latest trend in the market these days. According to a statistic survey more than 14 million households in the US alone are involved in online trading.Irrespective of how you trade a business, there are benefits and risks equally. Here are a few pros and cons of such an online trading. Visit this site http://www.xglobalmarkets.com/accounts/islamic-account/.


1. Fees : One of the basic advantages of online trading or e trading is the low fees. Infact it is the lowest for any trade. The transaction costs are the lowest when compared to the high fee of brick and mortar mortgage firms. With so many startups for online trading finding the lowest fee portal has become easier.

2.Flexibility and control: Time is the ruler of online trading. You can execute any deal almost immediately in online trading. You don’t have to wait for documentation and paper work because everything is done by the business portal online itself.

3.Capability to handle bias: Brokerage is mainly the business of commission. You can avoid this completely by handling the entire business on your own. Only thing is that you should have a vast knowledge to choose the best in the market. Hence brokerage bias can be reduced.

4. Online Tools: Since most individuals prefer to do everything on their own, most of the online portals give access to a wide variety of tools which help the traders understand the market and stay up to date

with the changes.

5. Real time monitoring: Most of the online portals offer rates and information required for trading online to see how their trading works online. This is a hands on monitoring of your trade in real time.


1. Investing a lot at a time: Since online trading works on the push of a button, you are tempted to make hasty decisions often. The attractive trend makes you invest a lot very fast without giving room to take proper decision. This can lead to irreparable damages at times.

2. Personal relationships with brokers:Since everything is done individually in online trading, expert advice is not part of it. So you will not have a physical broker to help you at hard times. Knowing the market based on feedback is not possible so there is risk of being stuck to the device on your own.

3. Addiction: Some individuals may feel the same level of addiction to online trading like gamblers. It is stressful on a personal note in terms of both health and time. Research says, investing in a short term strategies involve risky stock investments which may make you bear losses.

4. Internet dependency: The main player of online trading is internet. Where ever you go, you should be connected and if you are not you can’t crack a deal. Ultimately, the internet connection rules you. You cannot just go anywhere without being connected.

5. Computer errors: Though you are knowledgeable of the happenings and have perfectly done every home work to invest in a particular trade, it is important for your computer to work perfectly. A low server or power fluctuations may again result in erroneous trade strategies. The stress will end you up in paying multiple times because of the computer error.  A combination of your capability, passion and the pros and cons mentioned above, your business can either be beneficial or can go to losses. Every small aspect should be taken care of even in this very easy online trade in comparison with physical stock brokerage.  Online trading should be the right opportunity for all those who can cope with the disadvantages and learn trading in the right way.











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